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How Can OMT Help With Emotional Trauma?

Osteopathy can be a helpful complementary approach to treating emotional trauma alongside traditional therapies such as talk therapy or medication. When someone experiences trauma, their body can store tension and memories of the event in their muscles, tissues, and organs. This can cause physical symptoms such as muscle pain, headaches, and fatigue, as well as emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Dr. Stumpf can address these physical symptoms by using gentle manual techniques to release tension and improve the flow of fluids and reintegrate areas of trauma that have been disassociated. Realigning the body’s structures and systems through osteopathy can also help reduce stress on the nervous system and promote the parasympathetic (rest and relax) state, which can be particularly helpful for those struggling with the emotional aftermath of trauma. OMT can also facilitate individuals to feel more connected to their bodies and develop a greater sense of self-awareness, which can aid in emotional healing and recovery. It’s important to note that osteopathy is not a replacement for traditional mental health treatments, such as psychotherapy or medication. Rather, it can be a complementary approach to support an individual’s overall well-being and help alleviate physical symptoms associated with emotional trauma.

What Are Osteopathic Manipulations?

Osteopathic manual manipulations are gentle adjustments that realign bodily systems to provide a range of benefits.
  • Toxin release: Enhances the lymphatic system, allowing the body to naturally rid itself of toxins and fight inflammation.
  • Musculoskeletal and fascial relief: Releases tension in muscles and other soft tissues, including fascia. This tension is often a source of pain and discomfort, and can also store emotions and trauma.
  • Craniosacral therapy: Focuses on the cranial bones and membranes to relieve nervous system and brain symptoms, effectively erasing the memory of trauma.
  • Vascular release: Improves blood flow throughout the body, promoting healing in injured areas.

Is OMT The Right Treatment For Your Emotional Trauma?

In addition to addressing physical symptoms of emotional trauma, osteopathy can also help with the emotional and mental aspects of the condition. Dr. Stumpf can work with you to identify areas of emotional tension in the body and use gentle manipulation to release that tension and promote healing. This approach can be particularly beneficial for patients who have experienced emotional trauma that has become stored in the body’s tissues, causing pain and discomfort. By addressing the physical manifestations of trauma, patients may also experience improvements in their mental and emotional well-being, such as reduced anxiety and depression. Overall, our Camas clinic offers a holistic approach to treating emotional trauma that takes into account the mind-body connection. By addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of trauma, patients may experience greater relief and healing than with traditional therapy alone.

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