Osteopathic Clinic located in Camas, WA

At Total Osteopathic Medicine in Camas, Washington, patients get the very best holistic, integrative care to help improve their health and help them find relief from pain and injury.

Benjamin Stumpf, DO uses osteopathic treatments that address the whole person, getting at the root cause of illness or pain rather than just treating symptoms.The practice uses patient-centric, health-oriented techniques to treat and heal ailments like arthritis, migraines, neurological symptoms, and sports injuries.

Patients come to Total Osteopathic Medicine for treatment for automobile accidents or treatment for the emotional trauma that can be stuck within the body.Treatments include light therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The goal of treatment is to get the body to work more effectively so that you overcome the root cause of the ailment. Call the friendly, caring staff at Total Osteopathic Medicine for an appointment to learn more about how osteopathic medicine can help you. Alternatively, use this website to set up your visit.